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                  HONEYWELL EARPLUG

                  To secure workers at jobs is the duty of higher management. Therefore, we deliver Personnel Protective Equipment that is designed to be worn. We provide helmets and goggles that protect the workers’ head and eyes from fire sparks, dirt, metal particles and different materials. In addition, they reduce the feasibility of exposure to dangers that can induce critical illnesses and injuries. All items are made in a reliable and clean fashion. They are also wear-safe and scratch safe, which implies they will last longer as expected. The offered Personnel Protective Equipment fit comfortably on the employees’ head, encouraging them to work faster and safer.
                  Product Image (Honeywell MUTEX® FLSC)

                  Mutex Flsc Medical Coverall Honeywell

                  Price: 620 INR

                  Welcome to a new level of safety, comfort and style: The Honeywell MUTEX® FLSC series of PPE garments are engineered to be lightweight, more breathable, better fitting and softer to the touch, it’s a difference you really can feel. Its ideal for healthcare workers and medical professional to work in pandemic situations

                  Product Image (BILSOM 304L-I)

                  BILSOM 304L-I HONEYWELL EARPLUG

                  Price: 7 INR/Pair

                  Honeywell Disposable Corded Earplug. Designed for optimum hearing safety, robust performance and enhanced comfort for workers. It offers premium features for safety, ease of use, comfort, visibility and convenience without the premium cost, thus offering our customers great value for their money.

                  Product Image (CODE)

                  Safety Belts

                  Price: 650 INR

                  We Offers a wide range of Fall Protection Safety Harnesses conforming to ISI standards, which comes with all the features of Safety to fight the facilities of such evnts. Manufactured from new advanced Polyster Webbing, and equipped with specially designed easy-to-use buckles for attachment, the Harnesses provide an easy solutions to most fall hazard situations.

                  Product Image (4000 CHEMICAL SUIT)

                  Micro Chem 4000 Chemical Suit

                  Price: 6500 INR

                  Microchem 4000 PAPR [powered air purifying respirator] a fully encapsulated liquid tight chemical suit is one of the lightest and most comfortable chemical protective garments available. Featuring soft and flexible fabric, strong welded seams and an effective wide ranging chemical barrier, it remains the preferred choice of industry for chemical protection.