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Voltage Detector

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HHVSB11 voltage detector

Price: 1250 INR/Number

For an 11 KV high tension line with 50 Hertz /60 Hertz the sensing threshold will be at a distance

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4556 voltage detector

Price: 35000 INR/Number

Salisbury By Honeywell : 4556 Voltage Detector 240V to 230kV, 4556 Voltage detector Kit Contains : 1-4544 Detector 240V to 230kV, 1-21517 Case, 1-2500 Clampstick Adapter

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Honeywell Hard Hat Mounted Voltage Detector

Price: 1350 INR/Piece

The new HHVSB11 Hard Hat Mounted Voltage Detector (HVD) of Honeywell has been designed to keep the user safe from possible electrical hazards. It is an essential safety equipment for all professionals working in and around high voltage equipment and installations. When a person wearing the Honeywell HVD approaches a high-voltage source, the device emits a warning alarm, and its LED light indicators start flashing alerting the wearer and others around that a high voltage current source is present in the immediate vicinity. FEATURES & BENEFITS Seamless Integration: Compact, lightweight, and comfortable design integrates seamlessly with a hard hat and is capable of sensing AC high voltage from any AC HV system.